Pink RN Scrubs

We took our son up to Childrens Hospital here in Dallas TX to look at the Trainscape and see his Aunt who works at the hospital.  We stopped in the gift shop and found that they had adorable scrubs for young children.

The gift shop carried green and pink scrubs.  On the back of the green scrubs were the letters “MD” and on the back of the pink scrubs . . . you guessed it “RN”.  Should I laugh or take offense.  I just laughed.  Slowly society will catch up with reality.  My wife didn’t even catch it when I pointed it out she just said, “Oh well, that’s okay girls can wear the green scrubs too”.  Indicating of course that girls can be doctors completely missing the bright pink RN scrubs clearly designed for little girls.

My parents teach a Sunday school class with kids ages 12-14.  When they told their students that their adult son was a nurse they responded . . . “there needs to be a male word for nurse”.  I said, “there is, its NURSE”.