Windrawing Life Support

withdrew life support on my first brain dead patient tonight.  He came in with an intracerebral hemmorahge.  Yesterday morning he was completly functional and lving alone.  He did not come to the door when his ride came to get him for dialysis in the morning and his sister called him, his speech was jumbled so she called EMS who brought him into the ED.  Midway through the day his BP dropped and His pupils blew at this point it was obvious that he was beginning to herniate in his brain.  The thought was that he would die during my shift last night he survived the night but had a brain death test done in the morning which confimred brain death.  At 730 pm the family decided to withdraw his breathing tube.  At this point his sister who had been the point person became upset and had a very difficult time coping with the decision.  Minor caious eruppted trying to get firm answers on the plan of care for the patient.  Then a nephew of the patient began to have a seizure in the room and had to be evaluated by emergency personel.  Within 20 minutes his heart stopped beating. We brought him to the mourge. Prior to leaving all of the family gave me big hugs and his mother said “I love you!, I was so happy that you were his nurse today, I will always remember you and your smile, you were always smiling, Thank you for taking care of my son.”  It was a nice moment and the family truly appreciate the care we gave their family.  There must have been 10-15 people there in his room.